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Are you a total A-player writer who is looking for an incredible opportunity to do more of what you love and be a good human being along the way Awesome. This might be a fit for you.

ABOUT THIS INTERNSHIP:Have you always wanted to write about how to live your best life Do you wonder what it really takes to be deeply confident, socially successful, and genuinely happy What if you got to spend a whole semester not only investigating and writing about all this, but inspiring thousands of people to change their lives along the way

We're looking for skilled writers who are passionate about personal transformation, positivity, confidence and getting the most out of life who can write, edit and produce time-sensitive content. Here you wont just write text on a page, but rather, youll change the world with us.


So, who are we anyway

We're an online publishing company aiming to help overworked and stressed-out entrepreneurs take back their lives and fall in love with their businesses again. You see we dont believe in entrepreneurs living the dream and meanwhile working their lives away.

The primary way we help solve that problem is through, Source it!, which Forbes calls "the world's premier education in online hiring and outsourcing for entrepreneurs." It helps people hire a team so they can work less. It also went to a multi-six figure level within our first six months of launching no big deal.

We're a fun and friendly team that truly values the well-being of everyone we bring on board. As firm believers of the power of kindness in the workplace, we're dedicated to uplifting, supporting, and growing every person on our team. We make sure our team members have plenty of freedom and flexibility to recharge and have fun major perks of working as a remote team!

This describes you SO well, its almost scary:

--> 1-2 years of experience in writing. Writing is your calling in life. You might have a blog, or have other editorial experience under your belt.

--> A-player. You're brilliant, have great social skills, and you can translate big ideas into sophisticated and fun copy.

--> Personal development nerd - You love personal development! You pride yourself in doing exceptional work in every area of your life.

--> Finisher - You're a finisher. You get anxious when things aren't done. You love to check things off your to-do list.

--> Concise - You use clear simple language that anyone can understand. Youre likely editing this in your mind as youre reading it. Thats a good thing!

--> Fast You know youre faster than most writers; youre great with time-management and would NEVER miss a deadline.

--> Organized - You ask great questions on how the piece should be organized to keep the messaging clear.

--> Ghostwriting pro - You're a master at ghostwriting. You often joke about being able to "channel" your clients' voices eerily well.

--> Super positive - You're incredibly positive: sometimes people say that you are almost "annoyingly positive" and you're ok with that. ;-) You are very easy to work with.

--> You adore writing It always makes you feel great.

>> Learn cutting-edge techniques - In marketing, outsourcing, human psychology and becoming a better human. (Yes, this is amazing!)

>> Play teacher. By co-creating course content, checklists, and worksheets.

>> Co-create content calendar with Bonnie

>> Have fun meetings. To strategize and write content with Bonnie from phone calls (Sorry friend, if you hate phone calls, this likely isn't for you.)

>> Write fun metaphors and jokes To entertain and delight our audience.

>> Develop outlines - Scripts, e-mails, social media blurbs, and headlines to promote weekly podcast content

>> Master marketing techniques Youll learn persuasion and copywriting helping us with our webinars, e-mail copy, and Facebook ads.

>> Conduct research
- Fact-check and outline content for (articles, podcasts, video etc.)


-- Develop irresistible pitches to famous influencers to further expand our reach. (Ooh you fancy, huh Why yes, you are.)

-- Obsess over business and psychology books! And maybe youve already read a TON of them! And you can pull ideas, theories to contribute to our content.

-- Find guest-blogging opportunities with the press -- Find relevant opportunities for our founder to develop thought-leadership by contributing to legit media outlets

-- Be hilarious If you have everything on our must-haves list and you can make your friends pee themselves with laughter then well adore you.

-- Skyrocket our social growth If youve already built a huge following through your writing and have tens of thousands of followers, then youre likely a great fit for the role.

We realize this is a big wishlist, but hey, the Universe loves us and will deliver everything we asked for in our vision board, so were going with it.


-You don't have at least 15-20 hours a week to dedicate to the position.

-You struggle with time management, and projects sometimes take you significantly longer than you thought they would.

-You have trouble speaking your mind when conflict comes up or you speak your mind too harshly.

-You're enthusiastic about starting new projects, but you're not as great at finishing them.

-"Deadline" feels like a scary word.

-You're just doing this for college credit.

>>> You'll get to do what you love. With incredible people. What could be better

>>> You'll learn non-stop - You'll gush over how much you're learning in terms in this position -- when you work in online education --- it's your job to learn cutting-edge skills.

>>> Youll be very marketable after graduating To put it bluntly, when you work with a hiring expert, you learn to reverse engineer the hiring process. Youll learn whats marketable and whats not from the other side of the table. Many of the writers who have worked with Bonnie have doubled their hourly rate within a year of working with her.

>>> Youll have access to tens of thousands of dollars worth of classes on any topic you can imagine --- so if you want to learn to sharpen your SEO abilities so your articles get more eyeballs (and therefore more $$$), or you simply want to master the art of writing the perfect headline, we can help.

>>> Youll polish your portfolio - with curated writing samples to showcase your capabilities, and take bragging rights for launching a revolution in the way people work.

>>> You'll laugh on a daily basis - Bonnie is funny and uber positive. Youll laugh a lot with us.

>>> You'll be part of an incredible team - We're firm believers in the power of kindness in the workplace and are dedicated to uplifting, supporting and growing every person on our team while we get incredible results.

>>> You'll help change lives - You'll read thank you notes from customers who write about what their lives were like before and after being exposed to the material that we create, and you'll get a HUGE glow in knowing you were key executor in them receiving that material.


Although this is an unpaid internship, youll be learning about editorial work and content creation. Perks include building an amazing portfolio of work, and learning copywriting, and working on a shared mission to build happiness + deeper relationships for entrepreneurs. 

Work Day: Half-time
Employment type: Internships
Salary: Negotiable
Positions available: 1

Minimal experience: No experience
Gender: Indistinct

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