5 Ways to Motivate the Masses


Whether you’re the manager of a team of five or 500, there's plenty of responsibility that comes with being a boss. Above all, ensuring you have the best team possible can be an ongoing battle. Once you’ve secured a strong team, you’re faced with the challenge of keeping them motivated.

During the often hectic 9-5, it can be easy to neglect the finer points of managing a team--particularly when you’re dealing with strict deadlines and large volumes of work. However, this is when attention to motivation matters most!

From an optimized office space to implementing a rewards system, we’re looking at five ways you can motivate the masses to ensure you meet your KPIs and keep business booming.

Shake up the workspace

In terms of encouraging productivity, the office is one of the working world’s most untapped resources. With a few small changes, you can ensure both you and your staff are getting the most out of your environment.

A standard office set-up doesn’t work for everyone, so think about how the desks and equipment are arranged. Also consider whether the layout encourages or stunts efficiency. While teams who regularly collaborate might benefit from sharing a workstation, other team members might prefer to work alone. Figure out what works for you team and start utilizing your office environment to its full potential.

Take a break

If you want to help your team stay motivated, taking a timeout is key. Whether it’s regular breaks throughout the working day or holiday allowance, time away from the office is essential to the productivity of your staff.

Increasing working hours to meet tight deadlines can breed unhealthy attitudes towards work. In order to promote positivity in the workplace, ensure possibilities for down-time.

Roll out the rewards

If you’re looking for a way to encourage hard work, a bonus system could be just what you’re looking for. From an ‘Employee of the Week’ scheme to team ‘wins’, recognizing the efforts of your staff will add an extra incentive and boost individual and inter-departmental motivation.

As well as providing a welcome treat, reward systems can encourage healthy competition within the team - inspiring your employees to pay attention to their productivity.

Hone in on health

Whether it’s an irregular sleeping pattern, poor diet or lack of exercise, an unhealthy lifestyle will have a direct impact on the motivation of your team. By going back to the basics, you can help improve the overall health of your team.

Install an office water cooler or introduce stand-up meetings. Small changes like these could help you reap big rewards as well as reduce the number of sick days.

Be flexible

While teamwork is at the heart of what keeps a business ticking, it’s unlikely that your staff run on the same schedule outside of the office. By introducing flextime, you’ll give your staff the option to manage their work-life balance. Whether it’s starting work later or finishing earlier, your team will be more inclined to stay focused and motivated during their customized working hours.

Source: The Ladders


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