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Construction Industry | Abroad, Australia


class=MsoNormal >We qualify ourselves as a medium sized labour
hire company, established in early 2017. 

Our focus is on providing high quality workforce to companies valuing experienced
and reliable tradesmen, who come with plenty of knowledge about the industry
and the latest trends, have their own tools and transportation. This ensures
that by hiring the right individual for the right job, they carry out the high
standard and quality of work required whilst working on a construction site.We have opted to grow our company step-by-step
at an organic pace, concentrating on maintaining high standards over quantity.

Most of our employees are
from Estonia, Germany, Sweden and Ireland, known to be highly skilled and
reliable, due to the high building standards in these countries. All of our
employees speak fluent English and are entitled to work in Australia. Currently
we have around 50 employees on our payroll. 


Construction Industry


First floor, 8 Close st, Canterbury,
NSW 2193
Abroad, Australia.