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Company: Ellan Media
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Location: Melbourne, Australia
Allows working from home: Yes
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Are you a phenomenal overachiever who loves to be social and wants to change the world in a big way Awesome. This might be a fit for you.

Are you obsessed with being your personal best Do you wonder what it really takes to be deeply confident, socially successful, and genuinely happy What if you got to spend a whole semester--- not only immersing yourself in this --- but inspiring thousands of people in becoming happier along the way

Meet The Happy Entrepreneur. Our highly anticipated brand, where well explore just that. In this internship, you'll be doing real hands-on work crafting and pitching a movement to change how people work. You wont just make deals, but rather youll change the world with us.

This internship isnt for the faint of heart, but you were never the type to back down from a challenge, were you

Imagine you land an internship with a big fancy corporate company. You walk through the front doors excited to soak up anything you can learn only to find out your responsibilities are limited to spreadsheets and Starbucks runs.

That wont happen here.

Here, youll create a system and a strategy for creating HUGE deals from the ground up. Connecting us with just one promotional partner with 100,000 fans could easily result in $391,000 in sales. Imagine not only having that on your resume but getting a percentage of the deal you close.

But this isnt for the faint of heart. This will take your best-strategy, follow-up, creativity, and advanced social skills to make this happen.

We believe in you, and during your tenure with us, youll be tasked with finding potential affiliates, sponsors, and vendors, initiating and maintaining those relationships, closing deals, and developing profitable strategies that will be a win-win for everyone.

Your goal will be to increase sales through lead generation, marketing, and other corporate strategies while gaining valuable work experience and skills to start your career in business development.

We're an online publishing company aiming to help overworked and stressed-out entrepreneurs take back their lives and fall in love with their businesses again. The primary way we do that is through our flagship product, Source it!, which Forbes calls "the world's premier education in online hiring and outsourcing for entrepreneurs." It also went to a multi-six figure level within our first six months of launching no big deal.

To continue helping our audience, we're launching a new podcast and we need a team to deliver our message to the world.

On "The Happy Entrepreneur" podcast, our CEO Bonnie Fahy will teach entrepreneurs not only how to have the best business possible, but how to truly enjoy their lives along the way through positive psychology and personal development. We believe that when people invest in their self-transformation and happiness, they can heal relationships, community, and the world.

We're a fun and friendly team who truly values the well-being of everyone we bring on board. As firm believers of the power of kindness in the workplace, we're dedicated to uplifting, supporting, and growing every person on our team. We make sure our team members have plenty of freedom and flexibility to recharge and have fun major perks of working as a remote team!

--> Research - Other brands in the digital space that align with our mission and pitch offers to collaborate.

--> Be social - Create and manage relationships with any potential affiliates, sponsors, and vendors, as well as other people in the business space.

--> Maintain relationships - By answering questions, providing resources, participating in our FB groups, cheering affiliates on and personal outreach.

--> Plan
- Develop and execute plans for strategic growth.

--> Pitch - Regularly help pitch our product to get us on more podcasts

--> Collaborate - Work with our other media interns for collaborations, article distribution, and more.

Negotiate - Help negotiate contracts and partnerships.

Support - Our digital course affiliates.

Analyze what works - Generate and analyze reports on partner initiatives.

>> Organized Visionary - Big picture ideas are your thing and breaking it down into doable tasks is just how your brain works.

>> Flexible - Youre flexible and resourceful enough to create a new game plan when something doesnt go as originally planned.

>> Highly Open - You love trying new things and youre more comfortable with the unknown than most.

>> Love People - You consider yourself a social person and love making connections. People skills come naturally to you.

>> Deeply Curious- Youre also an incredible connector because you seek to understand people, figure out what makes them happy and what makes them tick.

>> Social amphibian - Youre an extrovert when it counts and a strategic introvert behind the scenes.

>> Charismatic - Your charisma easily translates over the phone and through email.

>> Natural Leader - Youve held a leadership position before it, whether it was a camp counselor or a manager at a supermarket.

>> Prepared - You dont like to leave things to chance, so youre always researching people and companies beforehand so you enter every meeting armed with valuable knowledge.

>> Deeply Caring - Youre inspired by the idea of working not only in a modern, digital space but for a company thats truly changing lives

>> Independent Learner - Youre a quick learner who loves researching and implementing new ideas they find. You dont need anyone holding your hand through the learning process.

>> Detail Oriented - Youre detail-oriented. Accurate is your middle name, and a disorganized Google drive makes your skin crawl.

>> Hard-Working - Youre one to hustle. These kind of careers arent for the faint of heart and youre not afraid to work hard and you dont take rejection personally. 

Remote: You can work remotely and collaborate and build this intern community.

Pay: This is an unpaid position; however, we are happy to give you a percentage of the deals you create for us, which has the potential to be thousands of dollars.

Education: Youre most likely a business or marketing major

Amount of hours: A flexible schedule of 15-20 hours a week.

>>> You'll get to do what you love. Your impact will be massive, and you'll be proud of knowing the positive contribution you're creating.

>>> You'll laugh on a daily basis. Bonnie is funny. She loves to have fun at work and secretly fears if she's not entertaining people no one will love her.

>>> You'll learn non-stop. You'll learn the ins and outs of online marketing, content development, cutting-edge lead generation techniques, how to build a thriving community in record time, and so much more.

>>> You'll be part of an incredible team. We're firm believers in the power of kindness in the workplace and are dedicated to uplifting, supporting, and growing every person on our team while we get incredible results. 

Work Day: Half-time
Employment type: Internships
Salary: Negotiable
Positions available: 1

Minimal experience: No experience
Gender: Indistinct

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